Holton Farkas Gold Plated French Horn Mouthpieces

Gold-plated Farkas French horn mouthpiece available in 6 different cup depths Holton Farkas Gold Plated French Horn Mouthpieces. Why Farkas? Farkas mouthpieces offer the extra range, power and tonal color that have made them the single most popular French horn mouthpieces in the world. Whether for demanding symphonic work or beginner embouchure development, there’s aRead more ⟶

Holton Farkas Series French Horn Mouthpiece in Silver

The Holton Farkas French Horn Mouthpieces in Silver, developed in cooperation with famed player Phillip Farkas, offer the extra range, power and tonal color that have made them so popular among professionals. The Farkas Horn Mouthpieces are designed for use from beginners for proper embouchure development to the professional looking for a mouthpiece to playRead more ⟶

Holton H650 Student French Horn

A full, not compensating, double. This single horn in Bb offers beginning students an opportunity to learn the Bb side of the horn before advancing on to a double horn. An easy-blowing and responsive single horn, the Collegiate model H650 allows clean execution of notes due to its smaller taper in the mouthpipe and venturiRead more ⟶

Holton H200 Professional Descant French Horn

A full, not compensating, double. This instrument is a “full” (not compensating) double, requiring no compromise of intonation on valve combination, as is the case with compensating designs. The fifth valve is a Bb-F rotor. The fourth valve is a muting valve that lowers the horn 3/4 step to bring stopped horn mutes into tuneRead more ⟶

Holton H378 Intermediate French Horn

A step-up horn with intonation and style. An intermediate Kruspe wrap horn, this horn offers a great value for an intermediate horn. The H378 has similar playing characteristics to those of the H178, outstanding tone with a bright, compact feel and sound. Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones for clearer projection.Read more ⟶

Holton H189 Merker Professional Double French Horn

Merker professional double french horn. Those hornists who want an instrument that provides great volume and sonorous tone without sacrificing control in the upper register need look no further. By combining an extra-large-throated bell and branch with the innovative Merker dual bore, the H189 offers the best of both worlds. It produces a tone thatRead more ⟶

Holton H281 Professional Farkas French Horn

A rose-brass bell for an especially dark tone. Like all Farkas horns, the Holton H281 Professional Farkas French Horn is capable of eloquent expression over wide dynamic range. It can be played loud without a brassy edge and softly with full tone. The rose brass bell gives it a darker tone than other Farkas horns.Read more ⟶

Holton H280 Farkas Series Screw Bell Double Horn

A rich and resonant orchestral instrument. Same as the H180 with detachable bell. Free-blowing horn with rich and resonant intonation. Bell and branch are made of a special brass alloy for slightly darker tonal coloring. Good projection. Model H180 is an excellent orchestral horn with dark sound and bright overtones. Holton horns offer an alternativeRead more ⟶

Holton H278 French Horn

Excellent horn for chamber orchestra. Bright, compact feel and sound with outstanding tonal beauty. Bell proportions provide a dark but singing tone with fine legato characteristics. Yellow brass produces a higher tone color with more overtones and clearer projection. Capable of playing pianissimo staccato notes sensitively, clearly, and evenly. Holton horns offer an alternative inRead more ⟶

Holton H277 Professional Farkas French Horn

Equally at home in marching band or orchestra. The versatile H277 offers a compact feel and bright sound. It includes a hand-fitted rotary valve system, string linkage, separate Bb tuning slide, detachable bell, and a change lever designed to fit the thumb in a natural position. Made of extremely corrosion-resistant nickel-silver. The Holton H277 FarkasRead more ⟶