Holton H105 Professional French Horn

Holton’s flagship model.

The world’s finest French horn just got better; the new H105 replaces Holton’s previous H104 flagship model.

The pursuit of perfection has yielded a new-generation French horn of superior performance and superb intonation. The H105’s technological and acoustical flexibility enables the artist to perform in a wide variety of playing situations. Its 2 interchangeable mouthpipes with newly developed tapers make it easy to switch between work in small chamber ensembles and large symphony orchestras. The specially tempered red brass bell produces a rich, dark sound capable of great volume without getting brassy.

Holton horns offer an alternative in design that creates a great experience for the young or advanced players. This kruspe model is the top model that holton makes offering a sound like no other with its bronze construction and interchangeable mouthpipe mechanism.

This Farkas Wrap horn offers a large throat bronze bell and branch with a nickel silver body. In addition, it has an interchangeable leadpipe system for orchestral or chamber brass settings. Holton horns also feature tapered rotors which create longevity for the instrument.


KeyBb/F double
PitchA445, with reversible 4th valve to “Bb-F” with independent Bb tuning
Bore11.89 mm (.468")
MouthpipesNewly developed tapers
#3 is .306 venturi
#6 is .310 venturi
Valve rotorsTapered hand-lapped brass with nickel silver outside casings.
Bearing platesTapered brass.
MaterialSolid nickel silver.
SlidesBoth inside and outside are hand-lapped nickel silver with rolled beads; short-length recessed slides for quick removal.
BellLarge-throated hand-hammered specially annealed and tempered bronze, detachable, 12¼” diameter.
MouthpieceGenuine Holton medium-deep cup.
WaterkeyOn each mouthpipe for quick water removal.
CaseUltra compact wood shell case with dual handles and brass hardware.
Lever actionNoiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs.