Holton H650 Student French Horn

A full, not compensating, double.

This single horn in Bb offers beginning students an opportunity to learn the Bb side of the horn before advancing on to a double horn.

An easy-blowing and responsive single horn, the Collegiate model H650 allows clean execution of notes due to its smaller taper in the mouthpipe and venturi and its short-stroke rotary valve action. A fine horn for introductory students.

Key of Bb. .468″ bore with a 12.25″ small throat bell offers a very centered pitch for beginner players.


KeyBb. Pitch: A445
Mouthpipe.306 venturi, yellow brass
Bore11.89 mm (.468")
Bell12.25" diameter small-throated yellow brass.
Lever actionNoiseless string action, short stroke with stainless steel springs.
Valve rotorsTapered hand-lapped brass
Bearing platesTapered brass
MaterialBrass branches, bows, crooks and connecting ferrules are brass.
SlidesBoth inside and outside are lacquered brass.